IRBM strongly believes in creating value through alliances for co-development and for drug discovery projects on partner’s equity.

Thus we are flexible in partnering discussions to ensure a collaborative advantage.

Contract Research

IRBM offers integrated drug discovery and development services. That is, we dedicate an interdisciplinary project team to progress a partner project from early stage (screening or hit stage) to preclinical development operating on a FTE-based approach. When we do business, we mean business. The team will be assembled with a Senior Project Leader and an enthusiastic team of drug hunters with a proven track record at delivering solutions and progressing effectively to the milestone.

We are also happy to address specific tasks on a fee-for-service base.

Drug Discovery Partnership

We have a number of preclinical programs available for out-licensing or co-development. These are available on a shared-risk – shared reward model based on upfront, milestones and revenues.

We are also interested in hearing from perspective partners on co-development opportunities with a synergistic in-kind approach.

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