Unit Head: Alberto Bresciani [M.Sc.]

In the Screening Technologies unit we use advanced assay automation technology and cell imaging techniques to:

  • Determine potency, selectivity and mechanism of action of molecules on discovery targets;
  • Support structure/activity relationship studies;
  • Facilitate the development of high-throughput screening (HTS) assays.


We have significant expertise in diverse scientific areas, including biochemistry, molecular pharmacology, and molecular genetics. We employ cutting-edge technologies to facilitate the understanding of pathophysiological mechanisms and to select drugs with appropriate potency, selectivity and tolerability profiles.

Based on your needs, we will develop a customized proposal to ensure we meet your objectives. We can provide standalone services as well as all-inclusive screen-to-hit packages. We have extensive expertise in HTS campaigns using either our compound collection, or your proprietary corporate collection.

We adopt rigorous quality control and standard operating procedures, including the usage of a proprietary LIMS.

Unit Capabilities

  • Assay design and development;
  • High-throughput screening;
  • Virtual screening;
  • Assay optimization, miniaturization, automation and screening;
  • Hit confirmation;
  • Kinetic/thermodynamic binding studies;
  • Druggability assessments;
  • Cell imaging;
  • High-content screening;
  • Lab automation.


Our Compound Collection

Our compound collection is carefully curated by our team to ensure high diversity, druggability, and low PAINS. It includes both commercial and non-commercial compounds, the latter either from in-house synthesis, or from collaborations with academic institutions. The compound collection currently counts ca. 350,000 compounds.

The compound repository is part of a modular robotic station which also includes the automatic and dynamic management of our entire compound collection, which is available in ready-to-use format in 384-well and 1536-well plates. The automated system can also store compounds in a variety of formats, from microtubes and test tubes to microplates. The collection is stored at a constant temperature of -20°C in a controlled environment in order to safeguard the integrity and characteristics of its molecules.

Unit Capabilities

  • Proprietary compound collection with 350,000 compounds;
  • Automated state-of-the-art sample repository;
  • Acoustic transfer of compounds for risk mitigation;
  • Fully automated screening platform with multiple detection technologies;


Assay Development

Our team has extensive experience in the design, development and validation of primary and secondary screening assays, as well as biomarker assays and assays used for subsequent steps in the drug development process. We optimize each assay for the specific purpose it needs to fulfill, ensuring a seamless process. We can miniaturize assays for use in automated systems, including high-throughput screening campaigns.