Unit Head: Licia Tomei [Ph. D.]

The Biochemistry unit provides you with crucial expertise in the development of biologics, including protein production, purification and biochemical characterization through multiple approaches. In addition, the team also provides support to our Screening Technologies unit for screening formats not suitable for high-throughput screening, such as LC/MSMS for the binders of protein aggregates, as well as cell-based assays, activity-based assays, and binding, internalization and cellular localization studies.

IRBMOur Biochemistry team also designs and provides secondary and orthogonal assays to further evaluate the specificity and potency of your compounds in integrated projects.

Building on over 20 years of established expertise, our Biochemistry unit has developed proprietary, highly complex phage display libraries, providing you with a powerful tool to identify best partners in protein-protein interactions. These libraries include random peptide libraries, conformational CD3-based peptide libraries, as well as Abdurin (antibody domain-like) libraries through a partnership with RCT. They provide a vital link between binding assays and downstream production of the appropriate biologic.

Furthermore, the unit is capable of designing, constructing and selecting focused peptide and antibody libraries through an integrated process leading from library construction and selection, to in vivo assessments of efficacy.

Unit Capabilities

  • Screening formats not amenable to HTS for third-party compounds;
  • Biologics conjugation experience;
  • Over 20 years of experience in constructing and utilizing phage display libraries;
  • Proprietary phage display libraries;
  • Capabilities and know-how to build third-party antibody or peptide libraries.