Where the Private meets the Public

CNCCS is an Italian public-private consortium jointly formed in 2010 by IRBM, the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS). The Consortium operates in the field of translational medical research, with each partner contributing unique and synergistic capabilities and experiences.

The objective of the CNCCS Consortium is to create a central repository of organic compounds and to serve as a national and European high-throughput screening hub for the identification of novel lead compounds acting on biological targets of interest. Compounds originating from both public and private sources are collected and screened to enable and accelerate the translation of new basic research discoveries into the development of novel medicines, in particular for rare, neglected, and poverty-related diseases.

The CNCCS compound collection, hosted at IRBM Science Park and available for high-throughput screening campaigns, includes nearly 150,000 curated compounds, chosen for their druggability profiles. Through the collection, the CNCCS Consortium has already achieved major milestones, including patents on novel treatments for malaria and β-thalassemia, as well as established important national and international scientific collaborations.

CNCCS Consortium