Your Partner Research Organization

We are your one-stop shop for preclinical drug discovery and development services, either in an integrated fashion, or through individual capabilities ranging from target validation, assay development, high-throughput screening to lead optimization, pharmacology, and preclinical ADME.

Our team of over 150 experienced researchers has delivered over 25 preclinical candidates and developed 5 drugs currently on the market, benefiting from our site’s resources including an in-house NMR facility, a LAR unit, an experienced Peptide Therapeutics group, a phage display library, a proprietary compound collection and automated screening facility, and much more.

Your R&D Accelerator

At IRBM, we can accelerate your drug discovery and development projects through a combination of state-of-the-art facilities and scientific excellency. This combination has been in our DNA since we were part of Merck Research Laboratories, and our team stands ready to offer not just practical skill, but scientific insights and expertise to help navigate any scientific challenge.

We can expand the bandwidth of your R&D efforts, working on integrated drug discovery projects and we can even function as an additional R&D site for your research. Alternately, we are happy to consider standalone services and smaller-scale projects. Either way, we employ a flexible business model that ensures your needs are met and your project progresses swiftly and efficiently through the stages of development.

In the case of integrated projects, the right Team Leader is selected based on the project’s specifics, and a team of drug hunters is assembled from all applicable units, to carry the project from HTS to a preclinical candidate. Frequent communication between us and our partners ensures a smooth progression of the project, which is typically structured on a FTE-based model.

Alternately, for standalone services, Team Leader and team members are selected from the units involved in the service, and the partner’s project is completed on a fee-for-service basis.

Whatever your needs may be, we can support your research and accelerate your R&D. At IRBM, science comes first.