At this stage, our chemists and biologists focus on improving the profile of the selected leads until it matches the target candidate profile agreed upon with our partners. The seamless integration between our departments drives the generation of appropriate in vitro and in vivo data and results are immediately fed back to our chemists to inform the next round of modifications. Fast turnaround times ensure the most efficient progression of your project to proof-of-concept and preclinical studies.

Benefiting from our state-of-the-art facilities, our researchers can deploy both in vitro and in vivo resources in order to ensure the highest quality of data, while mitigating risk and improving the safety and efficacy profile of your drug candidate.

Our Offering:

  • Standard and parallelsynthesis approaches and automated purification/analytical capabilities;
  • NMR support (e.g. structural characterization, aggregation state, target/ligand interactions);
  • Multiple relevant in vitro biochemical and cell biology assays;
  • Highly sensitive in vitro assays (e.g. CYP450 inhibition, hERG binding, etc.)
  • Strong expertise in blood-brain barrier penetration studies and proprietary in vitro model, predictive of in vivo properties;
  • PK and metabolite ID studies in rodents or lagomorphs, for small molecules and peptides, even after microdosing;
  • Expertise in xenograft/PDX studies;
  • Metabolomics and biomarker ID in animal and human biofluids;
  • Formulation support.
  • Scale-up synthesis of lead compound (up to Kg. scale);