Our high quality library has been assembled over the years through internal medicinal chemistry efforts driven by sophisticated computational chemistry approaches, including structure, ligand and diversity-based approaches. Our proprietary set of compounds is based on internal medicinal and organic chemistry expertise dedicated to enrichment with unprecedented drug-like scaffolds. The collection has been integrated with selection of libraries from commercial vendors including diverse chemotypes and fragment-libraries. Furthermore we have developed a cluster based selection approach in order to obtain preliminary structure-activity-relationship from screening campaigns. At IRBM we have ready-to-go screening copies of our internal collection in 384 and 1536 plate format.

The repository for the storage of compounds is an integral part of a robotic station, which also includes the automated and dynamic management of our entire collection.

This automated system is capable of storing compounds in a variety of formats, from microtubes and test tubes to microplates. The collection is stored at a temperature of -20° in a controlled environment in order to safeguard the integrity and characteristics of these molecules.

The present capacity of the Repository is of approximately 200,000 single molecules, and can be incremented to store up to 500,000.

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