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A quality screening hub to support Italian translational scientific efforts

The National Consortium and Collection of Chemical Compounds (CNCCS) is a private-public consortium with a mission to be a “Lead Factory,” identifying compounds acting on innovative biological targets. It also acts as a center for translational research in the area of Rare, Neglected and Poverty-Related Diseases.

The CNCCS mission addresses an important need in biomedical research, namely the translation of basic research discoveries from public and private institutions into industrial development and approval of new products

The Italian National Research Centre (CNR), National Institute of Health (ISS) and IRBM are ideal associates in this project, each contributing unique and synergistic capabilities and experiences. All partners promote the initiative within their own walls and with other research institutions and private companies.

The CNR is the biggest public research organization in Italy. In particular, it is one of Italy’s principal centers of excellence in biomedical research.

ISS, the highest authority for national health in Italy, acts as a research institute and also as a center for Italian health studies.

IRBM has decades of drug discovery experience, with a proven track record in discovery and development of innovative drugs. Its activities for the consortium include creating and managing chemical collections containing hundreds of thousands of compounds, and designing and performing high-throughput screening assays.

As the core facility of the consortium, IRBM has a state-of-the-art central repository for organic compounds. It is also part of a high-throughput screening hub for the identification of novel lead compounds.

The compounds present in the collection originate from public and private sources. They are collected and screened with the purpose of enabling and accelerating the translation of new basic research discoveries into the development of therapeutic molecules.

CNCCS has also created a center for translational research in the area of Rare, Neglected and Poverty-Related Diseases which forms part of an international network, and is a point of reference at the national level.

The CNCCS collection provides an ideal basis for research in this field. It brings together the public and private sectors, investors and stakeholders, utilizing this unique collection of compounds and screening capabilities. The goal of the Consortium is to contribute to the research and treatment of rare and neglected diseases. It does so by engaging leading international partners and working together as a team to encourage the development of new approaches to diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, it seeks to identify risk, evaluate disease severity and affect clinical outcome.

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