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Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

1    Introduction

This document refers to IRBM S.p.A., to C.N.C.C.S. S.c.a.r.l, and ADVAXIA Srl – site of Via Pontina km. 30.600 – 00071 Pomezia.
It concerns to Organization to ensure the respect of health, safety and environment, while performing R&D activities which aim to improve life conditions of people thanks to the discovery of new or improved pharmaceutical solutions.
The company will strive to implement the principles and strategies stated below and thereby contribute to the preservation of nature and the health of its employees, contractors, and the communities where Organization operates.

2    Responsibilities

Organization acknowledges its responsibilities towards environmental protection and conservation as well as to the occupational health and safety of all its employees.
The management of Organization supports health, safety and environment activities and provides adequate resources for their development. HSE improvement requires full commitment by all management personnel and is a priority for every employee at Organization and subsidiaries.

3    Objectives

Organization is committed to achieve the following objectives:

  • comply with all Italian legal requirements, laws and regulations and standards applicable to health, workers’ safety and environment;
  • continuously improve policy, programs and behavior regarding environmental, health and safety prevention and protection, taking into account technical progress, scientific knowledge, the needs of employees and the expectations of the community;
  • assess the impact of the plant’s activities, products and processes and adopt specific prevention and emergency procedures in the environmental and safety fields;
  • minimize disposal of all waste products by reducing material consumption and maximizing recycling, and ensure that waste products are handled and disposed of in accordance with the prevailing law, environmentally-sound principles and good business practices;
  • provide necessary and adequate resources in order to achieve the HSE objectives and make further improvements, when required, to protect the interests of the company and its employees, the community and the environment;
  • incorporate appropriate environmental initiatives to implement best practices/projects to reduce environmental impact;
  • ensure that contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and customers are aware of our initiatives and encourage the adoption of this policy by of all the companies working on the site;
  • provide appropriate training and communication to all of our employees to increase people’s awareness and sense of responsibility and participation with regard to prevention and protection of the environment, health and safety;
  • conduct regular audits to ensure that all HSE activities are carried out in accordance with this policy;
  • implement this policy, distribute it to internal and external personnel, make it available to the public and to all interested parties and periodically review it through a Management System regarding environment, health and safety at work, in compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI ISO 45001:2018

Date: 26 September 2022

Energy Policy

1.     Introduction

This policy document is issued by IRBM SpA and ADVAXIA Biologics Srl, located at Via Pontina km. 30.600, Pomezia. Our organization places a high priority on the sustainable and efficient use of energy, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. This commitment is integral to our mission of improving living conditions through the research and development of innovative pharmaceutical solutions while conserving the environment, our natural resources, and safeguarding the health of our employees, collaborators, and the communities we serve.

2.     Our Responsibility

At IRBM and ADVAXIA, we acknowledge our responsibility towards conserving natural and energy resources and protecting the environment at large. Our management actively supports initiatives aimed at optimizing energy use through a continuous improvement program and targeted investments. Achieving excellence in energy and resource management is a collective effort, demanding the full commitment of all staff members. We expect every employee and representative, including contractors, to actively participate in our programs, striving for continuous improvement and compliance with legal standards by reporting any situations that deviate from our energy conservation principles.

3.     Objectives

Our commitment extends to the following objectives:

  • Ensure energy efficiency and efficient use of all energy carriers by reducing consumption, increasing the use of new technologies, and adopting alternative and renewable energy sources.
  • Promote the purchase and design of high energy efficiency plants.
  • Promote the construction of buildings and laboratories with high energy efficiency and low environmental impact.
  • Promote the purchase of products with low energy impact throughout their lifecycle.
  • Promote a maintenance program that ensures the maintenance and improvement of the plant’s energy performance.
  • Promote a behavioral code (see Annex 1 to this document) that, with simple and targeted actions, sensitizes all employees, collaborators, and all those acting on behalf of the organization to a conscious and rational use of energy and natural resources.
  • Communicate to all staff the results of energy performance and the measures taken to reduce waste.
  • Identify and assess, as part of the context analysis, the internal and external factors that can influence the expected results of the integrated management system, identifying and evaluating the needs and expectations of interested parties.
  • Meet the standards, regulations, and applicable legal requirements for energy efficiency.

To guide our efforts toward improved Energy Management, the organization will adopt the UNI CEI EN ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System, appoint an Energy Manager, and establish an Energy Team.

In particular, through the UNI CEI EN ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System, the Organization commits to:

  • Analyze internal and external factors relevant for achieving the purposes of energy management, as well as the needs and expectations of interested parties through Context Analysis.
  • Define clear roles and responsibilities regarding energy, by establishing an Energy Team and appointing an Energy Manager.
  • Develop suitable energy improvement programs, providing the necessary people and instrumental resources.
  • Train and raise awareness among staff on energy-related aspects, promoting a culture of energy efficiency both internally and externally.
  • Ensure the participation and consultation of workers and worker representatives on energy-related aspects, including efforts made through the Energy Team and through specific staff engagement programs.
  • Provide workers with adequate instructions for operational control, change management, and design related to energy efficiency.
  • Encourage communication, dialogue, and cooperation with all relevant internal and external parties, taking into account feedback and suggestions in the area of rational use of energy and natural resources.
  • Integrate energy requirements into the design and procurement processes for products and services.
  • Monitor and measure energy performance and results through the efforts of the Energy Team and the On-Site Technical Functions.
  • Conduct periodic audits, planning and implementing all preventive and corrective actions to achieve the set energy objectives.
  • Periodically review the Energy Policy in light of the Integrated Management System (safety – environment – energy).

4.     Distribution

The organization commits to disseminating and distributing this policy to both internal and external personnel, making it available to the public and all interested parties. It will periodically review the policy through the energy management system, in accordance with the requirements of the UNI CEI EN ISO 50001:2018 standard.

Pomezia, November 7, 2023

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