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Antibody Discovery and Development

  • Selection of IRBM Antibody Library and screening strategy based on the specific project requirement
    • Recombinant proteins, on cells, in vivo
    • Screening by single clone analysis
      • automated process for analyzing thousands of individual phage clones
    • HTP IgG conversion, production and specificity
    • Affinity maturation
  • Antibody Characterization and development
    • Binding kinetics parameters by SPR or BLI
    • Epitope mapping
    • Epitope binning
    • Binding and affinity on target cells: Cell-Based ELISA, FACS analysis
    • Cell-based functional assays: internalization by IF, ADC, ADCC, CDC, cell toxicity, receptor agonism/antagonism
    • Tissue specificity by IHC
    • In vivo studies: MTD, efficacy in Xenograft models, IHC
Antibody Discovery and Development
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