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Antibody Phage Display

Phage Display single chain antibody library rapidly delivers human antibody hits and provides therapeutic leads faster than any other method.

IRBM Antibody Library (IAL) is a fully human phage display library comprised of over 50 billion unique fully human antibodies, with the diversity and design to deliver therapeutic leads against all types of antigen, including difficult targets.

IAL is a fully human single chain fragment variable (scFv) display library of high complexity (> 5×1010) and with more than 90% of clones correctly expressing the scFv variants. The library was designed to include diversity into the H-CDR3 and variations were carefully selected among those comprised in the human natural immune repertoire. The frameworks have been chosen among those most common in the human population to ensure ease of production in terms of expression levels, thermal stability and aggregation state. The fully human design and the absence of somatic mutations in the chosen frameworks act as safeguard for ensuring non-immunogenicity.

In addition to H-CDR3 that represents the primary interaction site with the target, variations in other H-CDRs, as well as L-CDRs, play a crucial role in determining the overall affinity of an antibody. The IRBM Affinity Maturation Library (IAML) includes variations naturally occurring in the H- and L-CDRs of the germlines defining the scFv scaffold of IAL to generate human antibody sequences that represent fully human affinity-matured versions of each variant selected from the naive IAL.

Antibody Phage Display
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