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Studying cells in vivo allows you to develop more effective drugs, faster

In vivo studies are used to profile compound candidates from hit-to-lead through clinical candidate selection.  By leveraging all of iRBM’s complementary capabilities, we can determine the MoA, PK, bioavailability, efficacy, organ exposure, in vivo metabolism and potential toxicity in rodent models.

Our highly skilled, industry trained, in vivo pharmacology team has extensive experience in pre-clinical drug development. We provide a wide range of services for the in vivo characterization of different types of pharmacologically active compounds such as small molecules, peptides and mAbs, including PK, PK/PD and metabolite ID studies.

As a flexible and reactive organization, we meet your specific project needs. We can support you from the delivery of a stand-alone study, to planning, designing and executing a customized in vivo study in the most appropriate model.

We also have strong expertise in designing and executing oncology studies. This includes determining MTD, establishing PK/PD/efficacy relationships and demonstrating in vivo target engagement using appropriate xenograft models.

Our operations are supported by integrated and automated sample processing and analysis platforms. This minimizes human error and provides highly reproducible and accurate data, meeting the timelines required in drug discovery.

Our capabilities:

  • 1,500 m2 (16,146 ft2) facility for rodents (over 20,000 animals)
  • Both clean and dirty corridors
  • Autoclave/ cage washer/ IVC cages
  • DMPK/Surgery and Necropsy areas
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  • Experimental procedures executed to highest standards of animal welfare
  • Compliance with all EU regulations
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