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Chemical synthesis of long peptides and small protein domains

Our peptide discovery team exploits a synthetic technology platform which integrates automated peptide synthesizers, state-of-the-art microwave technology and ligation techniques, providing peptide tools such as: long and difficult peptide sequences, small proteins, labelled peptides, complex peptides and proteins with post translational modifications.

Synthesis of long and difficult peptide sequences

With the assistance of the most recent microwave technologies, we are capable of increasing chemical coupling efficiency and reducing synthesis time by 90% on average. Furthermore, the introduction of pseudo prolines at suitable positions increases the quality of the crude material and enables the synthesis of complex peptides >100 residues to be carried out in a reliable fashion with a positive impact on the purification yield.

Our purification platform comprises size exclusion chromatography and/or RP-HPLC and/or Ion Exchange to generate a clean, well-characterized product that can be characterized by high resolution mass spectrometry techniques and/or MALDI/TOF.

Peptides can be delivered with various counterions, including  trifluoroacetate, acetate, hydrochloride, and sodiate (chloride/acetate).

Native chemical ligation technique

The synthesis of longer peptides and small protein domains can be accomplished through native chemical ligation strategies. Native chemical ligation is an important chemo-selective peptide conjugation technique alternative to the other non-native methods generally used as conjugation chemistries. This strategy can provide discrete coupling of the N-terminal of one peptide to the C-terminal of another peptide using a unique reaction process, essentially extending a peptide chain while maintaining native sequence and bonding characteristics. This approach also enables the incorporation of post translational modifications such as phosphorylation or orthogonal chemical functionalities (such as azide) for post-synthesis derivatization.

Peptide Discovery - Chemical synthesis of complex peptides and proteins
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