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IRBM - Small Molecule Chemistry - Compound Purification and Management

Like many pharmaceutical companies, IRBM has strongly bought into the concept that our chemists’ time should be dedicated to doing chemistry that brings value to the projects of our clients. The logistics processes behind the purification, registration and distribution of the compounds we make are best centralised into a dedicated, skilled compound management team.

Our purification team supports our chemists with efficient automated and manual purification of final compounds and key intermediates. They employ an impressive instrumentation suite that includes:

  • 2 Preparative scale Waters Automated HPLC (Fraction-Lynx) systems capable of operating around the clock
  • 2 Preparative scale Waters HPLC (Mass Lynx) systems
  • Multiple Biotage Isolera Automated normal/reversed phase purification systems
  • Large Scale Biotage Isolera Automated normal/reversed phase purification system
  • 2 Large Scale Biotage (Flash 75i, Flash 150i) Manual normal/reversed phase purification systems
  • A new Waters Prep15 semi-preparative scale SFC instrument

Compound quality control is also handled by our logistics team using UPLC/ELSD/MS, often together with our automated plate-based procedure that employs internally written software. For each compound on the plate, the procedure both detects the presence of the desired compound’s molecular ion and whether the corresponding compound is present above a set purity threshold.

This software also integrates with our Oracle compound databases to upload spectra and QC results for the individual compounds, allowing these to be rapidly shared with our clients.

All of our clients have different requirements in terms of compound registration within their own IT systems, as well as specific compound analysis and shipping requirements. Therefore, our centralised team have developed strong cheminformatics to support the sharing of information and compounds across multiple systems and geographies.

The smooth registering and distribution of compounds ensures that compound made for our clients arrive speedily into the hands and assays needed to generate results on their projects.

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