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Director, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK)

IRBM is a scientific contract research organization (CRO) that stands at the forefront of drug discovery, leveraging a single, unified research facility, located in Pomezia (Rome), Italy, to accelerate team-based breakthroughs and improve efficiencies from initial concept to pre-clinical candidate.

With a history of contributing to several approved drugs, and its own internal pipeline of oncology and other therapeutic assets, IRBM is powered by deep collaborations and decades of expertise from leading global institutions. Our comprehensive in-house capabilities assist partners in achieving key milestones and progressing towards clinical readiness, positioning IRBM as a major player in driving innovation in the pharmaceutical and biotech fields.

Job Description

We are currently seeking a motivated and experienced Director, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK), who will have scientific oversight of and will manage the in vitro and in vivo PK, ADME and bioanalytical assays.  The candidate will oversee and lead the activity of a team of more than 25 scientists who are responsible for the design, execution, analysis, interpretation and communication of PK/ADME studies to support drug development (small molecules, peptides, antibodies, novel modalities). This role’s responsibilities include developing and maintaining optimal organization within DMPK, as well as the scientific and managerial coordination of its groups and personnel. The successful candidate will optimize interdisciplinary activities within DMPK and integrate activities with those of the other R&D units and thus play a major role in shaping overall project and portfolio plans.  In this role, the candidate will report directly to the CSO.

Key Responsibilities:

–  Lead scientific efforts to characterize metabolic fate and pharmacokinetic properties of drug candidates (small molecules, peptides, antibodies and novel modalities) to inform and direct lead optimization of drug candidates; proactively identify issues and enable investigative efforts that further enhance optimization of drug candidates.

–  Represent pre-clinical DMPK on cross-functional development project teams and with external partners for small molecule, peptides and antibody therapeutics, including preparing project strategies and development plans.

–  Ensure that the DMPK team is current with emerging concepts and technologies so that these tools can be applied as appropriate for issues resolution.

–  Implement/manage quantitative bioanalysis of plasma and other biological matrices to support pharmacokinetic, toxicokinetic and in vitro ADME analyses of novel therapeutics.

–  Oversee internal and outsourced pre-clinical drug metabolism and PK activities on multiple projects, including study design, data interpretation, report preparation.

–  Provides strong scientific and strategic leadership, urgency, and business acumen to grow and progress IRBM mission in a speedy manner.


– Guides personnel goal setting to the most productive pursuit of shared goals and strategies.

– Supervising and managing a team of scientists by mentoring them, as well as providing expert advice and context for the interpretation of complex data.

– Manages personnel performance and develops career growth opportunities across DMPK.

– Desing and implement resourcing plans, draft-budgets, manages approved budgets and oversees hiring activities.

– Oversees regular review of staff deployment and project status, to ensure all projects are appropriately prioritized and resourced, and key goals and timelines are met.

–  Balances degree of innovative exploration with pursuit of defined project objectives, and coordinates acquisition of new scientific capabilities, as appropriate

–  Strong intellectual leadership, Capable of working autonomously and collaboratively in a multidisciplinary team setting.

–  Strong verbal, written communication and relationship skills including success managing collaborations; track record of successful problem-solving, high-quality science and influencing of stakeholders, particularly in a drug project context.

–  This position requires knowledge of PK/PD modeling to support IND-candidate selection and facilitate prediction of exposure required in humans.


–  PhD or equivalent degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry or Pharmacology with experience in drug discovery, or a higher degree in a research area relevant to DMPK science.

–  At least 8+ years of relevant industry experience.

During the job interview we will evaluate candidates’ experience and the job offer will be commensurate.

We thank all applicants for their interest, candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

IRBM considers all qualified applicants without discrimination, including on the basis of race, gender, age, disability, gender identity or expression, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or other protected classes. We nurture an inclusive culture where everyone can show their full potential and enjoy a fulfilling career.

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