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Research Scientist – IRBM, High Throughput Biology and Screening Unit – Ref. 176 B

August 1st, 2022

Research Scientist – IRBM, High Throughput Biology and Screening Unit – Ref. 176 B

IRBM is a drug discovery and development company with a track record of success in accelerating and executing the translation of novel discoveries into clinically relevant therapeutic modalities, including small molecules, peptides and monoclonal antibodies.  IRBM is headquartered in Pomezia (Rome), Italy and provides several integrated pre-clinical laboratory services across the entire drug discovery process, ranging from target validation to clinical candidate molecule selection.  The company operates through collaborations with a number of Pharmaceutical companies, Biotechs as well as research institutes and non-profit foundations working in a range of disease indications.  IRBM mission committed to the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents that can help fight and cure diseases.

Job Description

We have an opening for a talented and highly motivated Research Scientist to join our High Throughput Biology and Screening Unit. She/He will actively lead and contribute to project teams tasked with rapidly advancing drug discovery programs. A strong background in biochemistry/enzymology is expected. She/he will propose assay strategies to measure a wide variety of enzymatic activities, design, execute, and interpret data from laboratory experiments to develop new assays. The candidate should have experience in compounds profiling as well as mechanism of action studies to enable SAR development and high-throughput screens. The successful candidate is expected to work at bench: she/he will be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines. A collaborative attitude and ability to multitask are essential for this position.  While experience in the below skills is preferred, applicants with related skill sets are encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate should gain experience possibly in the industry or service-orientated organization.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Actively and independently contribute to the development and use of medium and high-throughput assays for multiple programs using different technology platforms
  • Possibility to lead and mentor a team of research associates
  • Accurately record, analyze, summarize, and present data to multifunctional internal and external teams
  • Establish productive working relationships with all team members
  • Maintain high laboratory standards regarding quality and safety

Leadership competencies/skills:

  • Propose, develop, and optimize novel and robust enzymatic to test small molecules and peptides
  • Relevant experience and strong working knowledge with wide range of assay readouts and technologies (e.g. absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence, Fluorescence polarization HTRF, Alpha Screen, TR-FRET)
  • Reliably identify, communicate, and troubleshoot problems encountered in strategy, experimentation, or data analysis
  • Good attitude to automation and informatics. Familiarity with some laboratory equipment as microplate readers and automated liquid handlers (e.g. Envision, Pherastar, Echo, Tempest)
  • Ability to analyze big set of data using informatics software as Dotmatics, Biovia, Vortex, Spotfire, GraphPad or equivalent tools
  • Experience in cell-based assay development would be considered a plus
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Outstanding organizational skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English is mandatory.


  • Relevant experience in industry and / or service-orientated organization
  • Required: MSc in Biochemistry or related field with 5+ years’ experience of relevant research experience
  • Preferred: PhD in the same disciplines outlined above with 3+ years of relevant research experience
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