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Chemist (Promidis) – Ref. 138 B – Promidis

Job description:

Promidis S.r.l. is a privately owned company, part of the IRBM group, focused on the identification of innovative drugs in high, unmet medical need areas, and on offering a highly competitive spectrum of drug discovery activities. The company is located within the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan.

Promidis S.r.l. is seeking a Chemist with a solid background in organic and analytical chemistry.

As member of the chemistry team, the successful candidate will be involved in the planning and execution of multi-step organic synthesis to generate new chemical entities at support of the active series of drug discovery projects, aimed at selecting high quality drug candidates. The ideal candidate will have a MS Degree in Chemistry or CFT with proven ability to design, synthesize, purify and characterize novel organic molecules. The knowledge of the modern lead optimization concepts, to design chemical strategies addressing biological activity and ADME/toxicology properties, is viewed as preferential. We particularly seek individuals who have excellent interpersonal skills to work both independently and within a team. Besides, working in a dynamic environment, flexibility, strong can do aptitude and excellent written and verbal communication skills in English, are viewed as essential.

Minimum Requirements:

  • MS or equivalent qualification in Chemistry or CTF;
  • Good laboratory skills, ideally including knowledge of parallel synthesis approaches;
  • Knowledge of common purification techniques (chromatography and HPLC);
  • Knowledge and experience in structure elucidations of organic molecules by NMR and MS;
  • Ability to interact with team but work independently towards defined goals and timelines;
  • Motivated and passionate about conducting high quality scientific research.
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