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Ref. 176 B

Research Scientist

High Throughput Biology and Screening Unit

Position: Research Scientist at IRBM, High Throughput Biology and Screening Unit, Translational Research Department Ref. 176 B

IRBM is an innovative contract research organization working across all aspects of drug discovery and early development for different modalities – small molecules, peptides, RNAs and antibodies. We foster collaborations with organizations from the pharmaceutical, biotech and academic sectors to accelerate drug discovery from target validation and hit identification to candidate nomination. Our 200 plus-strong, multidisciplinary teamwork at a state-of-the-art R&D facility near Rome where projects are carried out “under one roof” enabling rapid cycle times and close integration of the scientific teams. IRBM’s scientists have discovered several drugs that are on the market, and more than 25 compounds have gone into clinical testing. The company was founded in 2010, as a spin-off from Merck & Co. Now in our 13th year as an independent research organisation, we have laid the foundations to become a global centre for excellence in all aspects of drug discovery and early development.

Job Description

We have an opening for a talented and highly motivated Research Scientist to join our High Throughput Biology and Screening Unit.

This is laboratory-based position, and a strong background in biochemistry/enzymology is expected. The individual will propose assay strategies to measure a wide variety of enzymatic activities, design new assays, execute and interpret data from laboratory experiments. The candidate should have experience in compound profiling to support SAR development as well as in mechanism of action studies and high-throughput screens.

A collaborative attitude and ability to work under pressure are essential. Possession of an enthusiastic and proactive attitude towards learning is also a must.

The ideal candidate should have experience of working in an industry or service-orientated setting.

Key Responsibilities

  • Actively and independently contribute to the development and use of medium and high-throughput assays for multiple programs using different technology platforms
  • Propose, develop, and optimize novel and robust enzymatic assays to test small molecules and peptides
  • Potentially lead and mentor a team of research associates
  • Accurately record, analyze, summarize, and present data to multifunctional internal and external teams
  • Establish productive working relationships with all team members
  • Maintain high laboratory standards with regards quality and safety


  • Relevant experience and strong working knowledge with wide range of assay readouts and technologies (e.g. absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence, fluorescence polarization HTRF, Alpha Screen, TR-FRET)
  • Ability to identify, communicate, and troubleshoot problems encountered in the experimental strategy, in the running of the experiments, or in data analysis
  • Ability to handle automation and informatics. Familiarity with relevant laboratory equipment such as microplate readers and automated liquid handlers (e.g. Envision, Pherastar, Echo, Tempest)
  • Ability to analyze large sets of data using informatics software as Dotmatics, Biovia, Vortex, Spotfire, GraphPad or equivalent tools
  • Experience in cell-based assay development would be considered a plus
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Outstanding organizational skills.


  • Relevant experience in industry and / or service-orientated organization
  • Required: MSc in Biochemistry or related field with 5+ years’ experience of relevant research experience
  • Preferred: PhD in the same disciplines outlined above with 3+ years of relevant research experience
  • Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English
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