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Research Scientist – Ref. 147 A – Medicinal Chemistry Unit

IRBM is a drug discovery and development company with a track record of success in accelerating and executing the translation of novel discoveries into clinically relevant therapeutic modalities, including small molecules, peptides and monoclonal antibodies.  IRBM is headquartered in Pomezia (Rome), Italy and provides several integrated pre-clinical laboratory services across the entire drug discovery process, ranging from target validation to clinical candidate molecule selection.  The company operates trough collaborations with a number of Pharmaceutical companies, Biotechs as well as research institutes and non-profit foundations working in a range of disease indications.  IRBM is committed to the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents that can help fight and cure diseases.

Job Description

The Medicinal Chemistry Unit at IRBM is seeking an energetic, results-oriented individual, with a strong and proven background in organic and analytical chemistry.   This individual will join a fast-paced medicinal chemistry team and will be required to perform synthetic organic chemistry in the laboratory at a high level.  Proven knowledge of the modern lead optimization concepts, to design chemical strategies addressing biological activity and ADME/toxicology properties is preferred. The successful candidate will have a passion for learning as well as the ability to generate and implement original ideas that contribute to the success of medicinal chemistry teams.

Key responsibilities

  • Design, synthesize, purify and characterize novel organic molecules
  • Troubleshoot and optimize reaction sequences
  • Analyze and identify compounds using a good range of purification and spectroscopic techniques, including but not limited to chromatography, HPLC, NMR and MS.
  • Conduct laboratory operations in a safe manner. Exhibit safety awareness and safe work practices.
  • Active participation in discussions in medicinal chemistry team meetings.
  • Presentation of results to chemistry and project teams
  • Manage workload and time to execute on multiple projects effectively, and deliver on agreed-upon objectives in a timely manner.


  • Knowledge of the application of parallel synthesis techniques to medicinal chemistry is highly preferable
  • Outstanding technical and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to interact with team but work independently towards defined goals and timelines
  • Motivated and passionate about conducting high quality scientific research
  • Good knowledge of English is mandatory


  • Required: Master’s Degree in Chemistry or a related discipline; Preferred: PhD in Chemistry or a related discipline
  • 3+ years of experience doing medicinal chemistry in a pharmaceutical or biotech environment would be considered a plus
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