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Facility Manager – Ref. 151 A – IRBM Facility Engineering & Maintenance Unit

Position: Facility Manager at IRBM, Facility Engineering & Maintenance Unit

IRBM is a drug discovery and development company with a track record of success in accelerating and executing the translation of novel discoveries into clinically relevant therapeutic modalities, including small molecules, peptides and monoclonal antibodies.  IRBM is headquartered in Pomezia (Rome), Italy and provides several integrated pre-clinical laboratory services across the entire drug discovery process, ranging from target validation to clinical candidate molecule selection.  The company operates trough collaborations with a number of Pharmaceutical companies, Biotechs as well as research institutes and non-profit foundations working in a range of disease indications.  IRBM mission committed to the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents that can help fight and cure diseases.

Job Description

We have an opening for a talented and highly motivated Facility manager to join our Facility Engineering & Maintenance Unit and support our Operations Department.

The selected candidate shall:

  • Monitoring and be responsible of the overall activities across the site management needs contributing to the company business strategies and annual budget process;
  • coordinate and supervise the daily activities on technical, laboratories and site needs to ensure ordinary activities and that programs are delivered on-time and within budget;
  • coordinate the internal and external site maintenance teams to prevent problems and to solve any unforeseen;
  • optimize cost performance of the plant trough capital investment programs;
  • maintain, create and implement best practice, strategies, policies, processes and procedures to aid and improve performances and to respect the highest industrial standards;
  • ensure compliance with health and safety standards and industry codes
  • the principal referent for the external audits related to the site activities;
  • a liaison with the all labs users;
  • understand the pharmaceutical needs, issue and risks;
  • work and be in compliance with the private and public regulations to meet national and international laws, certifications and standards;
  • support the selection of tools, materials and providers;
  • supervise multi-disciplinary teams of staff including cleaning, maintenance, grounds and security
  • make inspection, reports and keep updated papers, files and draws;
  • minimize company and workers risks.
  • supervise maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment
  • oversee facility refurbishment and renovations
  • plan and manage facility central services such as reception, security, cleaning, catering, waste disposal and parking
  • coordinate and monitor activities of contract suppliers
  • advise on and monitor energy efficiency
  • assure security of the facility
  • respond to facility and equipment alarms and system failures
  • provide prompt response to requests and issues from facility occupants
  • ensure efficient utilization of facility maintenance staff
  • prepare and track facility budget
  • Work effectively in an environment that requires close collaboration with scientists.

Leadership competencies/skills:

  • Planning and outstanding organizational skills.
  • Working knowledge of English is mandatory
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • negotiation skills
  • problem analysis
  • decision-making
  • adaptability
  • team work

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelors degree in Facilities Management, Facilities Engineering or related qualification such as project management, business management or construction management
  • Minimum of 5 years of work experiences in a pharmaceutical company with a medium or large dimension;
  • Working knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems in a scientific research/ pharmaceutical facility
  • Experience in audits by AIFA, EMA, FDA or similar.
  • supervisory experience is required;
  • Solid technical skills and ability to manage emergencies;
  • Authority and team coordinating skills;
  • Must have strong written and verbal skills.
  • Basic computer competency required.
  • Fluent in English (both written and speaking)
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