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CPhI Worldwide 2019

We will be in Frankfurt from November 5-7 for CPhI Worldwide. Michele Luche, Vice President of Business Development at IRBM, and Romano Di Fabio who is Corporate Director of Small Molecule R&D at Promidis, part of the IRBM group.

Michele will be on hand to discuss IRBM’s extensive range of fully integrated small molecule, peptide and biologic therapeutic services. At IRBM, our drug hunters combine a broad range of multidisciplinary skills to deliver offerings that include in vitro and in vivo DMPK/ADME, comprehensive screening and assay development, robust biomarker-driven studies, synthetic, analytical and medicinal chemistry, and scale-up synthesis in Kilolab facilities.

Promidis works closely with IRBM to offer a wide spectrum of services for drug discovery, complementing IRBM’s integrated services which span chemistry and life sciences. Promidis’ expertise includes custom synthesis, process optimization and continuous flow chemistry. Located in the San Raffaele Hospital Science Park (SRSI) in Milan, the location provides direct access to key medical opinion leaders, clinical samples and cutting-edge research. Prior to joining Promidis in 2016, Romano’s experience included over 20 years at GSK with experience in senior roles. He applies this outstanding experience to his work at Promidis, which includes his contribution to 60 patents and 140 scientific papers.

If you’d like to organize a meeting to discuss how IRBM and Promidis can support your drug discovery then get in touch.

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