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Advancing Integrated Drug Discovery: IRBM’s Strategic Role at BIO-EUROPE Spring 2024 in Barcelona

cover image for news article regarding IRBM at BIO EUROPE SPRING 2024

IRBM is gearing up for a notable presence at the BIO-EUROPE Spring conference in Barcelona, Spain, from March 18-20, 2024. As a respected contract research organization (CRO) that specializes in drug discovery, from target identification all the way through to candidate nomination, IRBM covers a range of modalities including small molecules, peptides, and therapeutics​​​​. Originating from a joint venture between Merck US and Sigma-Tau in 1990, IRBM transitioned to an independent entity in 2010, marking a new chapter as a dedicated CRO serving the biotech, pharma, nonprofit, and academic sectors with a strong emphasis on supporting the development of therapeutics.

Focusing on oncology, neurodegeneration, and antiviral diseases, IRBM has a proven track record in these areas. The company’s participation in this year’s conference is an opportunity to showcase its contributions to oncology and antiviral research, including its internal assets including a small molecule for RAS-driven tumors and an antibody-drug conjugate for hematologic cancers.

IRBM is known for its deep scientific expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, which have fueled collaborations with major global organizations, including the National Cancer Institute’s Experimental Therapeutics (NExT) Chemical Biology Consortium and with entities such as the Rainwater Foundation and Weill Cornell Medicine. The work done with these organizations emphasizes IRBM’s role in advancing critical molecules, such as cGAS inhibitors targeting Alzheimer’s disease, showcasing the company’s commitment to addressing global health challenges.

The event is a crucial platform for IRBM to not only highlight its specialized services in integrated drug discovery but also to engage in meaningful discussions, explore potential partnerships, and stay at the forefront of industry innovation. The conference’s in-person format in Barcelona, a nexus for the biotech community, provides a dynamic backdrop for fostering successful business relationships and exploring new horizons in the biopharmaceutical sector​​​​.

By attending BIO-EUROPE Spring 2024, IRBM underscores its commitment to advancing science to improve lives. It’s a chance for the company to contribute to the discussions shaping the future of the life sciences industry, further establishing itself as a key player in the global effort to advance biotechnological and pharmaceutical innovation.




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