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New IRBM contribution to Bioanalysis Zone

We were delighted to author a recent Bioanalysis Zone article discussing the power of high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) when investigating peptide-based modalities in drug discovery. In the article, Simone Esposito, Research Investigator in the DMPK group, explores the extensive applications of the technology for…

Boston BD

Our Vice President of North American Business Development, Daniel Conlon, will be at the Boston BD conference on September 10. This invitation-only event brings together Biopharma thought leaders to network and explore insights into the business challenges and opportunities facing…

IRBM - First Targeted Protein Degrader Begins Phase I Clinical Trial

First targeted protein degrader begins phase I clinical trial

Despite the fact that less than 20% of the proteome has enzymatic activity, most drug development efforts have so far focused on identifying enzymatic inhibitors. However, targeting a cell’s proteasomal machinery is now considered an effective area of research. As…

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