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IRBM - First Targeted Protein Degrader Begins Phase I Clinical Trial

First targeted protein degrader begins phase I clinical trial

Despite the fact that less than 20% of the proteome has enzymatic activity, most drug development efforts have so far focused on identifying enzymatic inhibitors. However, targeting a cell’s proteasomal machinery is now considered an effective area of research. As…


CHDI Foundation extends collaboration with IRBM to accelerate development of Huntington’s disease therapeutics

19th November 2018, Pomezia, Italy – IRBM, a global contract research organization (CRO), has strengthened its position in neurodegenerative disease research following an extension of its long-standing collaboration with CHDI Foundation, a nonprofit biomedical research organization exclusively dedicated to collaboratively developing therapeutics that substantially improve the lives of those affected by Huntington’s disease (HD).

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