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IRBM and Industry Leaders Present Innovations in Cancer Research at AACR 2024

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This year’s American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting in San Diego showcased a series of high-impact presentations, with IRBM spotlighting novel therapeutic agents that promise to improve the treatment landscape for aggressive cancers, including brain tumors and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL). The meeting, which took place from April 5-10, served as a prolific platform for unveiling significant advancements in cancer biology and therapy.

Key Scientific Sessions from AACR 2024

New Insights into Early Cancer Biology

One of the plenary sessions highlighted at the meeting focused on early cancer biology, exploring the underlying mechanisms that could potentially be targeted by new therapies. This session set the tone for subsequent discussions, emphasizing the importance of foundational cancer research and its implications for developing innovative treatments.

The Promise of Synthetic Lethality in Cancer Therapy

Another pivotal session delved into the concept of synthetic lethality and its application in oncology, presenting new data on how certain gene combinations can be exploited to destroy cancer cells selectively without harming normal cells. This approach is particularly promising for treating cancers that currently have limited treatment options, such as some aggressive brain tumors.

Immuno-oncology: Expanding the Therapeutic Horizon

Immuno-oncology remains a hot topic at AACR, with several sessions dedicated to novel immunotherapies and their integration into current treatment paradigms. These discussions included advances in checkpoint inhibitors, CAR T-cell therapies, and vaccine approaches that are changing the face of cancer treatment by harnessing the body’s immune system.

Inaugural Oncology Industry Partnering Event

This year marked the inaugural AACR Oncology Industry Partnering Event, held just before the annual meeting. This event showcased a variety of pipelines, new technologies, and key trends in cancer research providing a platform for networking among industry leaders, aimed at fostering new partnerships and licensing deals that help advance these innovations.

The AACR is committed to driving innovation through translational science. By organizing this event, the AACR facilitated connections between clinicians and pharmaceutical companies, thereby accelerating the development of cancer treatments and cures that have a global impact on patients.

IRBM’s Contributions

Novel Compounds Showcased

  • AM E3-SG3249: IRBM presented compelling data on its potential first-in-class Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) targeting CRLF2/TLSPR in “Ph-like” B-ALL. This treatment has demonstrated significant preclinical efficacy and represents a breakthrough in treating hematologic cancers with high relapse rates.
  • I-1000233: Also featured was IRBM’s brain-permeable SHP2 allosteric inhibitor, which has shown promising preclinical results against RAS-driven malignancies, including challenging brain tumors and metastases. These findings could lead to new therapeutic options for patients with these severe conditions.

High-Quality Scientific Discussions

The AACR meeting facilitated a vibrant exchange of ideas and recent findings among the global scientific community, with IRBM actively participating in discussions and collaborative efforts. These interactions underscored the potential of IRBM’s research projects and fully integrated drug discovery capabilities while setting the stage for next-level innovations in oncology.

Enthusiasm for Future Meetings

Carlo Toniatti, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at IRBM, conveyed his eagerness for the next annual AACR meeting, noting the invaluable opportunities for sharing advancements and fostering collaborations that these gatherings provide. “We are excited to continue our work and look forward to AACR 2025 in Chicago, where the team will continue exploring new frontiers in cancer therapy,” said Dr. Toniatti.


The AACR 2024 Annual Meeting was a testament to the dynamic nature of cancer research, with IRBM playing a crucial role in advancing the field through innovative drug discoveries. The discussions and presentations from the meeting not only highlighted emerging trends in oncology but also reinforced IRBM’s commitment to developing therapies that offer new hope to patients with the most challenging forms of cancer. As we look toward AACR 2025, IRBM remains dedicated to its mission of pioneering novel and effective therapeutic strategies in the fight against cancer.

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