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IRBM Has Entered Into A License Agreement With IPS Academia Japan, Inc.

IRBM has entered into a license agreement with iPS Academia Japan, Inc.

Pomezia, Italy, June 19, 2018 – IRBM will be providing services using human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) based on the iPS cell-related patents that have been sublicensed to iPS Academia Japan by Kyoto University.

These services will be primarily for establishing human in vitro models for neurodegenerative diseases; specifically, in vitro modelling of Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) with hiPSC-derived endothelial cells and the use of patient-derived hiPSCs to differentiate in cell types relevant to the disease pathology.

About IRBM

IRBM has decades-long expertise, having delivered 25 preclinical candidates and four drugs currently on the market, for a wide variety of therapeutic areas including oncology and anti-viral. With its world-class facilities, IRBM offers fully integrated programs for both small molecule and peptide therapeutics all under one roof. IRBM works with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, non-profit organizations and academic institutions around the globe, to quickly and efficiently advance their projects through the drug discovery and development pipeline.

About iPS Academia Japan, Inc.

iPS Academia Japan, Inc. was established in June 2008 in partnership with Kyoto University to widely promote the use of iPSC-related patents based on the research results by Professor Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University and his colleagues. In 2016, iPS Academia Japan became an approved TLO in Japan.

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