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IRBM Presents Final Results at AICI Meeting

June 24th, 2015, ROME – The final results of the Italian- and European-funded AICI project (Approcci Innovativi per il Controllo delle Infezioni, Innovative Approaches for Infection Control), activated in 2013 and carried out by a network of biotech companies such as IRBM Science Park S.p.A., Angelini, Ylichron and IBN Savio, were presented at a final workshop at the Angelini Research Center in St. Palomba (RM).


The goal of the project was to focus on new platforms for infection control, both by identifying novel chemical compounds, and by optimizing formulations and industrial processes. The project was divided into two work packages, of which IRBM took part in WP1 (“From Hit to Prototype”), identifying and developing innovative chemical entities focused on overcoming the growing risk of antibiotic resistance.


Representatives of multiple public and private research institutes took part in the workshop, which included technical and scientific presentations of the final results from all project partners, including IRBM. The results will be further shared through scientific papers and meeting presentations, while the network involved in the project will continue to collaborate.


About IRBM: IRBM Science Park S.p.A. is a privately owned company in Pomezia, Italy. Once part of Merck Research Laboratories, it reorganized in 2009 as an independent partner research organization, providing integrated drug discovery and preclinical development capabilities, and scientific know-how, to its pharmaceutical and foundation partners. It has been the recipient of several Italian and European research grants focused on neurodegeneration and anti-infectives. The company also provides a cGMP CMO facility for experimental lots of adenoviral vaccines, as well as a high-throughput screening hub. IRBM researchers have contributed to or developed 5 drugs currently on the market.

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