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Katritzky Salts For The Synthesis Of Unnatural Amino Acids And Late-Stage Functionalization Of Peptides

IRBM review article on Katritzky salts (as intermediates for the synthesis of unnatural amino acids, late-stage functionalization of peptides, and macrocyclization) is featured on the cover of the European Journal of Organic Chemistry

Innovative synthetic strategies giving access to a larger chemical space are of great importance to make the development of peptide therapeutics a faster and more efficient process. Katritzky salts, easily prepared from primary amines, offer peptide chemists a tool to achieve many chemical transformations in a straightforward manner.
IRBM GEN Cell Imaging

IRBM GEN Cell Imaging

This month Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News features IRBM in an article about ‘Image-based high-content screening and predictive cell-based assays for drug discovery and development.’
Oligomerization, Albumin Binding And Catabolism Of Therapeutic Peptides In The Subcutaneous Compartment: An Investigation On Lipidated GLP-1 Analogs

Oligomerization, albumin binding and catabolism of therapeutic peptides in the subcutaneous compartment: an investigation on lipidated GLP-1 analogs

We are delighted to publish our first paper of 2022 in the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (Elsevier). Here we leveraged our peptide #ADME toolbox to gain a better understanding of the interplay between oligomerization, albumin binding and catabolism of lipidated peptides in the subcutaneous compartment, using #GLP-1 analogs as model peptides.
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