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IRBM publishes in J. Peptide Science on methods to study catabolism, key to designing more stable peptides

Comparison of different protein precipitation and solid‐phase extraction protocols for the study of the catabolism of peptide drugs by LC‐HRMS

IRBM used liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry to explore different methods for the study of catabolism (breakdown) which is a key driver in the design of more stable peptides.This is challenging to do analytically in a way that captures the highly heterogeneous products generated from catabolism and provide a full picture of what is happening. The art of it is having the right protein precipitation (PP) and solid-phase extraction (SPE) protocols. The paper gives insights on selecting optimal PP & SPE extraction conditions for the study of peptide catabolism, based on examining four model peptides representative of different structural classes: somatostatin, GLP‐2, human insulin and liraglutide.




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