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Allosteric inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS5B polymerase thumb domain site II: structure-based design and synthesis of new templates.

By Malancona, Savina; Donghi, Monica; Ferrara, Marco; Martin Hernando, Jose I.; Pompei, Marco; Pesci, Silvia; Ontoria, Jesus M.; Koch, Uwe; Rowley, Michael; Summa, Vincenzo
From Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry (2010), 18(8), 2836-2848. Language: English, Database: CAPLUS, DOI:10.1016/j.bmc.2010.03.024

Chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections are a significant medical problem worldwide. The NS5B Polymerase of HCV plays a central role in virus replication and is a prime target for the discovery of new treatment options. We recently disclosed 1H-benzo[de]isoquinoline-1,3(2H)-diones as allosteric inhibitors of NS5B Polymerase. Structural and SAR information guided us in the modification of the core structure leading to new templates with improved activity and toxicity/activity window.

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