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Aspergillus olivimuriae sp. nov., a halotolerant species isolated from olive brine.

By Crognale Silvia; Pesciaroli Lorena; Felli Martina; Petruccioli Maurizio; D’Annibale Alessandro; Bresciani Alberto; Peterson Stephen W
From International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology (2019), 69(9), 2899-2906, Language: English, Database: MEDLINE

A facultative halo-tolerant Aspergillus strain was isolated from olive brine waste, the effluent from the debittering process of table olives. Phenotypic and molecular characteristics showed clearly that the isolate represents a novel species. Based on the source of isolation, the new species has been named Aspergillus olivimuriae. It was found tolerant to high concentrations of NaCl (15 %) or sucrose (60 %) and it exhibits substantial growth under these conditions. Although the new species grew profusely at 37 °C, no growth was observed at 40 °C, conidia en masse were avellaneous on all media. The description of the new species Aspergillus olivimuriae brings the total species of Aspergillus sect. Flavipedes to 15. The type strain of A. olivimuriae sp. nov. is NRRL 66783 (CCF 6208), its whole genome has been deposited as PRJNA498048.




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