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IRBM Group, including Advaxia Biologics S.r.l., recognizes the importance of Supplier Diversity which reflects the values it upholds. We are committed to making it part of our strategic sourcing process by providing opportunities for diverse businesses to participate as partners and suppliers in goods and services.

Through the Supplier Diversity Program, IRBM Group strives to realize its vision of corporate responsibility, strengthening the communities where we live and work, by positively impacting their economic stability through the growth of small and diverse-owned businesses that anchor these communities. In particular, it aims to encourage partnerships with minorities, women, the LGBT+ community, people with disabilities and small-sized businesses.

To this purpose we invite diverse suppliers to participate in sourcing events such as requests for quotation, requests for proposal and/or requests for information.

Thanks to the implementation of the Supplier Diversity Program we guarantee all suppliers fair treatment and equal opportunities to participate in a competitive procurement process not only in the Italy but anywhere in the world.

Our Supplier Diversity Program is a natural extension of the way we do business. Continuing to promote and increase the participation of diverse businesses allows us to further drive innovation, deliver the highest quality products and grow local economies.

We believe this Supplier Diversity Program will help:

  • support the development of these businesses in becoming competitive performance leaders in their respective industries,
  • promote small business economic growth within the communities served by IRBM Group,
  • provide focus on diversity as a competitive asset in a performance-based business environment,
  • encourage the value of supplier diversity, both internally and externally.

In order to achieve our supplier diversity goals and objectives with a strong emphasis on continuous improvement, IRBM Group will provide monitoring on an ongoing basis.

We are committed to supporting the growth and development of diverse businesses. When diverse businesses flourish and prosper, the communities they serve share the benefits. When our communities succeed, we all win.

Questions about our Supplier Diversity Program can be sent to

We ask diverse suppliers wishing to participate in the procurement process to fill out the form to register them in IRBM Group Supplier Diversity Database. This will enable our procurement professionals to access key information about potential suppliers, including capabilities, Supplier Diversity certifications, product/service descriptions, and contact information.

We allow suppliers to self-certify.

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