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Who we are

IRBM is a leading research organization with extensive experience in transforming early-stage science into advanced drug discovery programs. Specializing in cancer, neurological disorders, infection, and rare diseases, we offer both comprehensive and specialized services throughout the drug discovery process.

Founded in 2000 as the Italian branch of Merck & Co’s Research Laboratories, and independent since 2010, our notable achievements include the discovery of four marketed therapeutics. We partner with top pharmaceutical firms, biotech companies, and prominent foundations, including MD Anderson Cancer Center and CHDI Foundation. In 2022, we joined the National Cancer Institute’s Next Program’s Chemical Biology Consortium to advance therapeutic oncology solutions.

Our infectious disease research, notably in Hepatitis B, has earned substantial European Investment Bank funding and successful out-licensing of our innovations, developed with key Italian partners like the National Institute of Molecular Genetics and San Raffaele Hospital.

What we do

Science is our cornerstone. We leverage our shared enthusiasm for science and our dedication to excellence to advance your drug discovery projects. Together, we develop innovative and more effective therapeutics that will improve patients’ quality of life worldwide.

Thanks to our broad expertise, your program can benefit from being developed at IRBM as an integrated project, or through smaller, standalone projects. In the case of integrated programs, we will build clear, actionable go/no-go decision points, and employ a first-to-fail approach to ensure your resources are efficiently managed.

Every day, our passion drives us to continue to learn, develop, and stay at the forefront of science, technology, and innovation.

What we believe in

Our partners are our highest priority. Our ardent drug hunters strive to go above and beyond your expectations. We care about the project you entrust us with and will work to advance your program towards the clinic, without sacrificing scientific rigor. We are committed to delivering scientific excellence in all we do, while operating ethically and working on a foundation of trust with our collaborators.

Our scientists are our greatest asset, so we understand the importance of ensuring they are supported, valued, and nurtured to maintain a strong, motivated team that is adept in accelerating innovation.

We believe in being a sustainable organization and are committed to minimizing our impact on the global environment in all aspects of the company.

Why work with us

We can accelerate your preclinical drug discovery program with our drug hunter expertise in a wide range of modalities, including small molecules, peptides, and antibodies. Our fully integrated solutions and technical competencies provide you with the translational science you need to generate a successful clinical candidate.

All R&D is carried out within a single, state-of-the-art, integrated research site, where we provide seamless transitions between disciplines and faster turn-around times. All projects are matched with a team of highly adaptable scientists and a dedicated project representative to create tailor-made solutions, customized to your evolving needs. We provide open and honest communication throughout the lifetime of the project.



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